The Third Wave

Just finished “The Third Wave” on The Great Courses. Lots of interesting ideas.

I like the concept of “impact investing”, where you try to do something useful while making money. My tree farming is like that. I need to make money to keep the land, but profit is an empowering factor, not a goal.

As our society becomes more affluent, we have the luxury of not seeking maximum profit. Actually, I like to put that a different way. My forestry enterprise is astonishingly profitable. It is just that not all the profit comes in the form of money.

Case also talks about the rise of the rest. He thinks that the entrepreneurial energy will disperse from Silicon Valley, New York & Boston. In this, he is talking like the authors of “The Smartest Places on Earth” another book I recommend.

Anyway, I recommend the course. The Great Courses Plus is worth getting in general. I watch an episode while I am running on the machine at Gold’s Gym. It accomplishes two goals in one.

The Third Wave

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