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Odds & Ends of Chapada dos Veadeiros

Wasp nests in Chapada dos Veadeiros 

Above and below are wasp nests. They look just like rocks, mabye the kinds of rocks they would have on a moive set. I couldn't find information about them on Internet, so I only have what the guide told me.  I did tap on the surface and it was light weight and hollow. The guide said that they were sting-less. I didn't actually see any bees or wasps.

Grpund nests of wasps in Chapada dos Veadeiros 

Below is our guide. He said he was a native of the area and did this every day.

Guide at Chapas dos Veadeiros 

Below is the pousada where we stayed. It is called "Bambu" and there is lots of bamboo used around it.The place is clearly the dream of the owner. It contains lots of personalized touches and I suppose could be called either full or personality or funky. We liked it.

Pousada Bambu in Sao Jorge, Goias Brasil 

Below is a Coca-Cola truck on Sao Jorge street. I don't want to go where there's not Coca-Cola, but I doubt such a place exists anymore. 

Coca-Cola truck on dirt street in Sao Jorge, Goias Brasil 

Below is Goias Hwy 118. Not a bad road.

Goias Hwy 118 

Below is just a cool looking plant. I have no idea what it is. 


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