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São Paulo: the City That Never Ends

Sao Paulo, Brazil skyline 

If New York is the city that never sleeps, São Paulo might be the city that never ends. I got to the top of the Banespa Building and looked over city almost as far as the eye can see. Because it was a windy day and the air was clearer than usual, you can see the hills in the far background. Most days, the horizon just shades off into the mist. The Banespa Building started in 1939 and completed almost eight years later. It was the tallest building in São Paulo for twenty years and at the time of its inauguration the tallest building outside the United States. It is modeled after the Empire State Building. The pictures were taken from the top. Above & below is the São Paulo skyline.

Sao Paulo skyline from Banespa Building 

Below is the Sao Paulo cathedral from the roof.

Sao Paulo Cathedral 

Below is a rooftop garden and heliport. It is interesting the parallel worlds that exist in a three dimensional big city. From the street, you would never know that there was a forest park overhead. 

Rooftop garden in Sao Paulo  

Below is one more view of Sao Paulo. If you look right in the middle you will see a rooftop mansion.

rooftop mansion 


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