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Fishy Food


People in Manaus eat a lot of freshwater fish and various restaurants offer varieties of fish I have never heard of before.  They had names like tambaqui & pirarucu; I cannot recall which were which.  All that I know for sure is that I had at least five and maybe as many as eight different kinds of fish.  They all had a kind of whitish meat and a mild taste.  A lot depended on the way they were cooked and nothing had the kind of strong taste of cold water fish like salmon or trout.  

toothy fish 

You can see from my pictures what servings look like. Everything tasted better than it looked.  I think it was the tambaqui that I liked the best.  I don’t know for sure, but in the models you see of the two fish, I think it is the bigger one.  It is not served whole, like the others in the pictures.


I just took the advice of the people I was with about what to eat and I was glad that I did.  The food was very good and different than I usually eat.  I eat salmon and trout, but otherwise my fish comes in squares with breading on it and they don't stare back at me. Below is the airport & the turtle pond pond in front.  Notice also the pickup trucks. Manaus has lots of pickup trucks.



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