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This is a dump of pictures from April.  Most did not make it onto the blog, but in case anybody wants to look at them.  The titles make sense to me, but there are typos and misspellings, and I don't guarantee that the titles make sense to anybody else.  They all are creative commons, however, so if anybody wants to copy a picture to use on his/her own blogs, these pictures are available.


Around Washington

America_recovers.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 124KB Capitol.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 128KB Capitol_in_spring.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 612KB Capitol_north.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 78KB Capitol_springtime.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 606KB Cherry_tree_path.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 294KB Ft_Meyer_Magnolia.jpg View    Apr 03 03:48am 233KB Jefferson_Memorial_thru_cherry_trees.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 743KB Lincoln_Memorial.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 184KB Washington_Monument_and_cherry_trees_on_April_1.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 326KB Washington_spring.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 513KB new_construction.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 159KB steel_tree.jpg View    Apr 03 03:49am 287KB


Central_garden.jpg View    Apr 24 12:45am 263KB Datepalm_in_Southern_California.jpg View    Apr 24 12:45am 330KB Harrier_landing1.jpg View    Apr 24 12:45am 124KB Harrier_landing2.jpg View    Apr 24 12:46am 533KB Harrier_landing_framed.jpg View    Apr 24 12:46am 92KB LCAC1.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 328KB LCAC2.jpg View    Apr 24 12:43am 65KB LCAC_at_rest.jpg View    Apr 24 12:43am 77KB LCAC_incoming.jpg View    Apr 24 12:43am 201KB Peleliu_gym.jpg View    Apr 24 12:53am 132KB Ranch_house.jpg View    Apr 24 12:53am 115KB Seagulls.jpg View    Apr 24 12:53am 61KB Sun1.jpg View    Apr 24 12:44am 565KB Sun2good.jpg View    Apr 24 12:44am 627KB Thick_adobe_walls_at_ranch_in_California.jpg View    Apr 24 12:51am 150KB Veranda_view.jpg View    Apr 24 12:51am 248KB YAT_YAS.jpg View    Apr 24 12:51am 165KB YAT_YAS_outside.jpg View    Apr 24 12:51am 62KB beach_master.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 425KB beach_shelter.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 108KB beach_shelter_with_birds.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 64KB beachlanding.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 52KB below_deck.jpg View    Apr 24 12:44am 80KB bluffs.jpg View    Apr 24 12:45am 157KB briefing.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 192KB cottages.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 47KB door.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 98KB go_cart.jpg View    Apr 24 12:45am 120KB helo.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 92KB helo_on_deck.jpg View    Apr 24 12:46am 82KB hospital.jpg View    Apr 24 12:46am 139KB landing.jpg View    Apr 24 12:42am 298KB loading.jpg View    Apr 24 12:43am 82KB lonely_beach1.jpg View    Apr 24 12:44am 64KB my_cottage.jpg View    Apr 24 12:46am 80KB rainbow.jpg View    Apr 24 12:53am 47KB speeder.jpg View    Apr 24 12:52am 138KB sun3.jpg View    Apr 24 12:44am 63KB surf1.jpg View    Apr 24 12:52am 825KB surf2G.jpg View    Apr 24 12:52am 208KB surf_no_sun.jpg View    Apr 24 12:52am 203KB tanks.jpg View    Apr 24 12:52am 98KB waterpipe.jpg View    Apr 24 12:51am 46KB


Afghan_village.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 81KB Pacific_sunset_April_15.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 294KB Shining_sky.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 75KB flowers.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 207KB flowers2.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 100KB helo.jpg View    Apr 18 05:14am 92KB hills.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 89KB hiss.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 309KB landing.jpg View    Apr 18 05:14am 298KB roles.jpg View    Apr 17 01:49am 155KB room.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 94KB video_games.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 159KB video_games1.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 41KB vista.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 270KB west.jpg View    Apr 17 01:50am 69KB

El Camino Real

Camino_Real_Andersen_Pea_Soup.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 143KB Camino_Real_CJ_driving.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 97KB Camino_Real_Chrissy_at_Andersen_Pea_Soup.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 159KB Camino_Real_Chrissy_at_Hurst_Castle.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 185KB Camino_Real_Chrissy_in_covertable.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 109KB Camino_Real_Egyptian_Statue_at_Hurst_Castle.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 164KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Neptune_pool.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 78KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Neptune_pool1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 196KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Veranda1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 158KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Veranda_CJ.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 114KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Veranda_up.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 122KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_Veranda_up1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 81KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_crows.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 91KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_crows1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 46KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_crows2.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 108KB Camino_Real_Hurst_Castle_date_palm.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 70KB Camino_Real_bell_tower.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 202KB Camino_Real_bird.jpg View    Apr 27 06:03am 114KB Camino_Real_fireplace.jpg View    Apr 27 06:05am 169KB Camino_Real_indoor_pool.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 209KB Camino_Real_oak_savanna.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 60KB Camino_Real_road.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 59KB Camino_Real_road1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:07am 42KB Camino_Real_sea_outside_San_Simeon.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 145KB Camino_Real_sea_outside_San_Simeon1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 185KB Camino_Real_sea_outside_San_Simeon_and_me.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 174KB Camino_Real_sign_and_bell.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 32KB Camino_Real_torry_pine.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 168KB Camino_Real_torry_pine1.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 148KB Camino_Real_veranda_lion.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 180KB Camino_Real_yellow_flowers.jpg View    Apr 27 06:06am 45KB

Forestry Visit

  Freeman_stream.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 392KB Freeman_track_with_truck.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 176KB Power_lines.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 168KB Truck_and_top_cloverfield_on_April_3_2010.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 383KB Truck_at_cloverfield2.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 275KB Truck_comparison_on_CP_April_3_2010.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 197KB Truck_on_Freeman_comparison_on_April_3_2010.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 644KB Wetland.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 308KB cloverfield_on_April_3_2010.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 221KB forest_road.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 250KB multiflora_rose.jpg View    Apr 04 11:09pm 291KB sick_trees.jpg View    Apr 04 11:10pm 369KB


Banana_BVD.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 138KB Brazilian_floss_silk_tree.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 355KB Cork1.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 382KB Cork_forest.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 313KB Lemon.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 310KB Tequilla.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 212KB Walled_garden.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 231KB acucaria.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 296KB banana.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 203KB cycad.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 343KB hummingbird.jpg View    Apr 25 10:39pm 70KB jungle.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 367KB key.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 515KB monterrey_pine.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 251KB old_world_desert.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 196KB oranges.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 323KB succulents.jpg View    Apr 25 10:40pm 167KB

Josuah Tree

      Barren_space.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:49am  134KB     Chrissy_driving.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:49am  133KB     Dam_from_below.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  183KB     Dam_from_up_top.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  208KB     I10.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  70KB     Imperial.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  59KB     Josh_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  45KB     Joshua_tree_vista.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  153KB     Joshua_trees_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  46KB     Joshuah_tree_forest.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  60KB     Joshuah_tree_forest1.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  77KB     Joshuah_tree_forest2.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  173KB     Lizard_on_the_rock.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  145KB     Marriott_mountains.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:52am  163KB     Marriott_mountains1.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:54am  182KB     Petrograph.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:54am  137KB     Rock_climbers_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  72KB     Rock_pile.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:54am  126KB     Rock_pileG.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:53am  198KB     Rockpile1.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:53am  132KB     Rockpile2.jpg  View      May 01 05:52am  173KB     Rockpile3.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:53am  119KB     Rocky_road.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:52am  36KB     Salton_Sea.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:52am  67KB     San_Diego_palms.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:52am  112KB     Windmill_line.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:52am  73KB     border_control.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:49am  79KB     cactus_flower.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:49am  284KB     cactus_flowers_climbers_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  306KB     irrigated_grapes.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:51am  86KB     juniper_and_pine_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  97KB     lake_at_Joshua_Tree_NP.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  182KB     lake_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:06am  126KB     panorama_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  212KB     panorama_with_mt_backgroundat_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  249KB     petrogryph_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  80KB     red_cactus_flowers_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  174KB     rock_climbing.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:54am  104KB     rock_panorama.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:54am  405KB     rock_pile3.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:53am  105KB     rock_pile4.jpg  View      Apr 30 04:53am  29KB     rounded_rocks_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View      May 01 05:07am  287KB     yucca_flower_at_Joshua_Tree_NP1.jpg  View   

Marine 2

Iron_mike.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 74KB Tank_wash.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 61KB classmates.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 105KB crowd_control.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 63KB mob.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 60KB mop_and_Marine.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 143KB obstacle_course.jpg View    Apr 25 10:38pm 78KB


 HWY_81.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 109KB bike_racks.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 130KB creek.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 345KB creek1.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 347KB dawnredwood.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 243KB flowers.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 142KB geese.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 64KB new_oak.jpg View    Apr 17 01:22am 182KB path.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 280KB pocket_park.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 202KB pond.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 218KB purple_trees.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 454KB real_lawn.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 1605KB spring_forest_floor.jpg View    Apr 17 01:23am 284KB

Ventura & Palm Springs

Carlsbad.jpg View    Apr 29 04:17am 104KB Frank_Sinatra_Street_in_Palm_Springs.jpg View    Apr 29 04:17am 72KB Group.jpg View    Apr 29 04:17am 130KB Los_Angeles_sky.jpg View    Apr 29 04:17am 140KB Misting_at_Palm_Springs.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 122KB Outdoorsman.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 104KB Palm_Spring_Art_Museum_building.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 33KB Palm_Spring_Art_Museum_courtyard.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 139KB Palm_Spring_Art_Museum_cowboy.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 148KB Palm_Spring_Art_Museum_cowboy1.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 106KB Palm_Spring_Art_Museum_mirrors.jpg View    Apr 29 04:18am 169KB Palm_Springs_Chrissy_at_Marriott.jpg View    Apr 29 04:21am 52KB Palm_Springs_Marriott_chameleon.jpg View    Apr 29 04:21am 354KB Palm_Springs_Street.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 85KB Palm_Springs_mountain_clouds.jpg View    Apr 29 04:21am 31KB Palm_Springs_palm_and_mountain.jpg View    Apr 29 04:21am 106KB Palm_Springs_windmills_and_mountain.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 65KB Palm_Springs_windmills_mountain_train.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 638KB Phillipine_town_Los_Angeles.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 106KB Ventura1.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 108KB Ventura_sealion.jpg View    Apr 29 04:20am 72KB hot_pool.jpg View    Apr 29 04:17am 73KB nighttime_palm.jpg View    Apr 29 05:15am 50KB

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