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Winter Storms Come Early

back deck in the snow 

It has been a cool year so far and it looks like it might be a snowy winter. I don’t know if this will be any kind of record, but it is the earliest big snow I remember.

Quinn Terr looking west with snow 

It is Saturday; otherwise government would be shut down and the whole city thrown into panic.  Washington doesn’t handle snow well. These are a few pictures from around the house. The blobs of light in the pictures are snowflakes reflecting the camera flash. I took some w/o the flash, but I kind of liked the effect with it.

Snow covered car 

Above shows our Honda covering in snow.  We don't plan to drive anywhere. The snow will stop tomorrow and the sun will come out again.  Snow doesn't last long in Virginia. I figure that the Lord put the snow there and he will remove it before I need the car again. 

Trees near the house on Quinn Terr 

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Petty pictures. I wish we'd get a little here. All we've gotten is an inch or two and it is already dirty and yucky. It's supposed to snow Christmas Eve and Day. Don't want too much though! Merry Christmas to everyone.

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