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Snow in Washington - Pretty Pictures

US Capitol from American Indian Museum 

Above is the U.S. Capitol from the back of the American Indian Museum.  Below is the Lincoln Memorial on the other end of the Mall.

Lincoln Memorial in the snow 

The Federal government (although the Senate was at work late into the night) was closed because of the snow, but it really wasn't hard to get down to Washington.  I just caught the Metro.  I wanted to see Washington in the snow and quiet.  There was a lot of snow, but it wasn't quiet.  Lots of people seemed to have the same idea.  I took a long walk from the White House to the Capitol.  Some pictures are included.

Washington Monument 

Above is the Washington Monument.  Below is the frozen reflecting pool at the World War II Memorial.

Reflecting pool at World War II Memorial 

Below is the Smithsonian Mall.

Smithsonian Mall 

Below is the White House from Pennsylvania Avenue.

White House from Pennsylvania Ave 


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