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Life is Endlessly Interesting

You have to look for changes & there are so many things going on the time.

Below are a couple of guys advertising for Gold’s Gym.   I couldn’t capture their skill and speed on the still picture.   They twirled the signs and threw them up in the air.   I don’t know if many people were persuaded to join Gold’s Gym, but they certainly got a lot of attention.

Guys advertising Gold's Gym on April 10, 2009


Below a building I have been watching in Arlington since last fall is almost done.    I have included the previous picture. 

construction near Ballston

Building in Arlington VA on March 10, 2009

Below is the Capitol at various seasons and moods as I see it on the way to work.   The light and warmth are returning.

Capitol & Indian Museum

Capitol at night

US Capitol just after dawn on January 2, 2009

Looking toward the U.S. Capitol through the snow on January 27, 2009

Capitol in the morning on March 2, 2009

US captiol at 8 am on March 23, 2009

US Capitol on April 10, 2009 at around 8:30

Below is my bike trail and Shreve Rd in Falls Church VA on March 9

W&OD bike trail in Falls Church VA on March 9, 2009

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