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Time Well Spent

I depend on the Metro to get around.  That means I have to walk a lot and I think that is just fine.   You get to know a place a lot better when you literally put your feet on the ground.  Today, for example, I had a conference at FSI and had to walk from Ballston Metro.   It takes just over a half hour and it is a nice walk through Arlington.   I have included some pictures from my various walks.

This one is not from Arlington.  Below is the statue of Jame McPherson in Washington.  McPherson commanded the Army of Tennessee during the Civil War.  He was killed at the battle of Atlanta in 1864. 

James McPherson statue in Washington taken February 2009

Below is Ballston Mall near the Metro.

Ballson Mall on February 19, 2009

Below a pedestrian passage under Rt 50 on the way to FSI.  This is a relic of an earlier time and I am surprised it stays open.   It is very convenient however.  If it were built today, it would need lots of other features and the government would pay millions of dollars for contruction.

Pedestrian passage under RT 50 in Arlington, VA taken on February 19, 2009

Below - housing in Arlington, VA

Housing in Arlington VA near RT 50 taken on February 19, 2009 

Below - New construction near Ballston.  The first picture is from February 20.  The second is from November last year.

New construction near Ballston Metro


New construction at Ballston

Below - car stack near Ballston

Car stack near Ballston on February 19, 2009

Below is the Nature Conservancy across from Ballston Metro in Arlington.  The Nature Conservancy is the best of the environmental groups, IMO.   They actually buy, restore and manage ecologically sensitive places.  Instead of just protesting or demanding something be done, they do something.

Nature Conservancy near Ballston on February 19, 2009

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Once again, you got me thinking.....I am very interested in the car stacker you posted a photo of. Do you have any personal experience with them? How are they being accepted by the general public. Any "issues"? I assume acceptance is good, as they appear "full". We have a particular project area where it might be a great option; price dependant of course.

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