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Horned Viper

One of the Marines saw a desert horned viper in the bathroom - the bathroom I use.  He came out of the stall and there it was.  Nasty looking thing.   He said that it reared up.  I did some research and they say that this kind of snake is shy.  I am glad of that.    They are also not very poisonous.   I am glad of that too, but I am a little concerned about the "not very" part.

Horned viper

I understand that they are good for catching rats, but I am not happy to have such things around. I am afraid of snakes that can bite and I am not particularly fond even of those that don’t.   

I have only seen snakes twice since I have been here.   I am not eager to see them again.  Next time I walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night in my flip-flops, I will be thinking about what I don't see and how they might be watching me.  Jeez.   I am narrow-minded when it comes to snakes.  I don't like anything that can give me a venomous bite.

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I can tell you if I came out of a stall and saw that I would have screamed so loud - - and then burst out laughing - - even if it had bitten me. (laughing is one of my stress reactions). Good golly! It would have been startling. I don't know if I'd be walking around in flip flops at night anymore. Don't you all have scorpions?
We have all sorts of nasty things, but we usually don't see them.

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