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MRAPs, Travel & Detainees

 me and MRAP

MRAPs can resist IED explosions, but they are very heavy and uncomfortable to ride in.  You feel every bump, the air conditioning cannot keep the vehicle even reasonably cool on sunny days and there is no room to stretch out your feet.  I bet they will have to come up with a replacement for this vehicle, one that can go off road without making an omelet of everybody sitting in the back.

We went to see a police station.  In the jail they had some terrorists they had recently caught. I was happy to for the diligence of the local authorities.  I don't understand these guys  Some brag that they would gladly kill people like me along with dozens of the local children given a chance. I take no pleasure in seeing these guys in jail and I avoid going in if I can.  They are mostly young, stupid guys.   Some older, clever bad-guy has convinced them to do this evil thing and has ruined their lives and destroyed their futures.  It is sad all around.  The face of evil is not always ugly or easily identified.

Of course we have different sorts of terrorists.  The really bad ones are usually foreign fighters from various other countries around the Middle East.   They are professional.  Life has become shorter and much more difficult for them in Iraq and this is good.   Their goal is to hurt Americans and they will go where they think they can do so easiest.  If not here or Afghanistan, it might be Europe or America.   They are just bad and every one of them killed or captured in Iraq is one that won't be plying his nefarious trade elsewhere.  I have no regrets about them getting what they deserve.

The Iraqis involved in this sort of thing are often sadder cases.  They are usually dumb young men, whose families really had no use for them or, more cruelly but correctly stated, they had more value as dead martyrs than live losers.   Many don't seem to have actually figured out the real meaning of what they were getting into.  As the insurgency increasing overlaps with ordinary crime, they are coming more and more to resemble young gang members.   I am really glad that they are taken out of society and put where they can cause no harm, but the whole thing is a human tragedy on all sides and I cannot feel triumphant or vindicated in most cases.   I wouldn't make a good judge.

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Have there been any thoughts about rehabilitating the 'young dumb' terrorists? Comments by a Pakistani on another blog I read said the big problem is lack of education and that is how terrorist groups suck these young men in - - they don't know any better and they believe anything someone older and 'wiser' or in a position of authority tells them. How are schools doing in Iraq? Are they under attack by insurgents?

We helped rebuild schools. They are not good but okay.

The Iraqis do indeed try to rehabilitate some insurgents, as long as they don't have blood on their hands. It works sometimes. I wrote a blog entry re back in October.

Terrorists are different than insurgents. It is still a violent place and there is still the problem of revenge killing. I f an insurgent has killed someone's family member, there is a good chance he will "dirt nap" when/if he is let out, unless he makes some kind of arrangement. I don't get involved in these kinds of things, however. It is not my job and I make a point of NOT making it my business.

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