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Leaving the Asad Archipelago


We fly everyplace we go, at least we did.  My mental model of Al Anbar was that of islands, such as Haditha, Hit, Rutbah or Al Qaim,  isolated in a sea of sand.   Recently, we have begun to go overland in convoys.  It seems strange that you can actually drive to Haditha.  I realized that I had never actually passed through the gates and beyond the wire of Al Asad until just about a week ago.  I always flew.  I feel like a guy who has come to the end of the world … and then stepped off and found the world did not end.

Al Asad has reasonably good chow.  This is not the case everyplace I go.  Below is my lunch from a couple of days ago.  Notice the basic food groups.  I have the fried cheese group, the fried chicken group, the cake group and the potato chips group.  I think the cookie falls into the cake group.

Food at Haditha

It REALLY is the best I could do.

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Well, it's probably tastier than an MRE - - however I'm told the peanut butter and cracker MREs are pretty good.

Kind of heavy on the chips!

Are the chips your entree?

Hi John:

I am preparing to head to Virginia for training before I head to IRAQ as a member of a PRT there. Don't know all the details of my assignment yet. Love your site though!


Good luck. It is good work in all senses of that word.

The main course is the chips?

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