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snow in Iraq 

Even the oldest people around here cannot remember a winter so cold.  It snowed in Baghdad for the first time in 83 years, according to the records.  One of my contacts told me that it got down to -13 c in Al Qaim.  The picture above is from Rawah, near the Euphrates.   It never snows in Rawah … but it did, and some even stuck to the ground for a short while.

I am happy with this weather.  It gets fairly warm in the afternoon.  It could be a bit warmer, but not too much.   As running weather, it is nearly perfect and our cans have heaters.  I pity some of the poor Iraqis, who are unaccustomed to this kind of cold and whose houses are designed to withstand only heat.    I remember my freezing time in Mudaysis.

Maybe this cold winter will mean a cooler than normal summer.  I am not particularly excited about experiencing a colder winter, even if the icy blasts impress and chagrin the locals.  For me, this doesn’t seem very cold.  Our lows have been around 29 f degrees and it gets around 53 during the sunny times in the afternoons.  If you wear dark clothes, the sunlight feels like liquid warmth on your back & the sensation of radiant heat is very pleasant in the cold, dry air.   I would be content if this summer was the coldest in memory.  I am not counting on such luck, but I would appreciate even a modest reduction.  Of course, during the summer the highs and lows will be about the same as those I mentioned, only this time they will be in Celsius.   

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Do you have a place to run there?

Desert heat in summer is brutal, but you still have some time before then. Water, asprin and shade help.


There are good places to run at Al Asad, lots of open road, but not much variety. The weather was perfect late Oct-Mid Dec. I expect it will be perfect again in the spring - before the heat sets in.

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