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My New Friends

I notice from my logs that the visitors at my blog went from around 100 a day to 1587 yesterday.  I am guessing that most of the newcomers are not friends & family.  You were probably drawn here by the notoriety of my comments re FS assignments in Iraq. 

My blog is not designed for a general public, but I certainly welcome anybody who wants to read it.  Most of what and how I write is idiosyncratic and probably interesting only to those who know me.  I don’t expect you will again find anything nearly as controversial as the posting that drew you here.  It was very interesting to see blog posts about what I had written.  My sad conclusion is that many bloggers (Certainly not all.  Some were good) write before they read.  Some are almost embarassingly supportive; others are critical and some are just stupidI guess it is easier to have an opinion than seek accuracy. 

Anyway, even in an interesting place like Iraq, I tend to think prosaic thoughts, so if you are looking for excitement you probably came to the wrong place.  You are welcome to stay, but I won’t be put out if you don’t. 

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Well, Jake, you sure stirred up a hornet's nest! Keep it coming. Your friends and relatives are very glad to hear from you!

I wondered how many responses you would get when Mary told me your comments were on the radio.

Lani & Dorthy

It was my 15 minutes of fame. It goes to show how the news media just swings from one conclusion to another without bothering to stop at accuracy.

I think the tree farm article scared off the excitment seekers. This morning I was down to around 700 visitors. Still more than before, but dropping.

Yep, I am one of those FS guys come to read your blog. However, contatry to your predictions, I have found this to be a treasure trove of witty posts. I truly think that the stories of iraq are best told by those who have to do the "real" work, thus this has been an enjoyable blog. You have won my respect- and my readership. (word?)


T. Greer

T Greer

Thanks. Wait unit I get to talking about soil and water.

I am excited already!

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